Polishing removes scratches, scuffs, and scrapes. Leave you car looking brand new or even better with our comprehensive scratch and scuff removal services.

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Scratch and scruff [$180-$240]

Got a scratch or scuff that you don’t like? We can help remove it. Call for a consultation. Size, complexity, and location will always vary but expect prices to usually fall within this range.

Rock Chip.png

Rock Chip Repair [Starting at $160]

Rock chips happen to the best of us and it’s best to fill them in. Once a rock chip happens, moisture and road salt can start to rust your paint. Once rust begins it’s hard to stop and the sooner you jump on it the better. Call for a consultation. Quantity and location will always vary but prices do start @ $160


Polishing [$360/$400/$460]

Uh, oh Spaghetti-ohs! Scratches happen and come from a variety of different sources. If you’d like to refine your paint and remove surface scratches then we can help.