Clean, comfortable, protected.


There are few things that feel better than having clean, organized surroundings. You feel at ease and more focused. You can comfortably offer to take people places without having to apologize for your car. Or, you can simply enjoy your drive to work in a clean and organized space. Bring serenity to your commute with Brite Automotive Detailing.


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Daren Couch- Owner

Daren turned his eye for details and passion for business into Brite Automotive Detailing. Daren studied business through Harvard Business School's HBX program and entrepreneurship at MIT. Daren is also a certified member of the International Detailing Association (IDA).

Daren dedicates much of his time to the growth and sustaining of local causes by actively participating in local area Chambers of Commerce, Non-for-Profit organizations, supporting local small business growth, and extending the reach of business education through participation in the Harvard Business School Online program.


Community Involvement

Brite believes that businesses aren’t just things. They’re people. That’s why we believe in people and giving back to our community.

Brite Detailing is a supporter of statewide nonprofit organizations such as Tree Utah, The National Ability Center, and area recycling programs. Giving back isn’t just an ideal. For Brite, it’s a reality.